Who are we ?

Country Courier Express s.a. was set up in 1991.

  • Our fleet comprises some forty vehicles of different types : carssmall vans (caddy)vans (supercaddy) and trucks → Possibility to transport up to 20m3.
  • We have a licence to transport loads in excess of 500 kg.
  • All our vehicule are permanently monitored through Géo Localisation ( Tracking).
  • Our computer system links the dispatching department, invoicing department and our customers via online order module.
  • Via the internet www.countrycourier.com, by clicking "online orders", in addition to placing your delivery orders you can : calculate the cost of deliveries, view all deliveries made during the period, print your consignment, etc. request your ID and password from info@countrycourier.com
  • We offer an Express ServiceMail and Parcel Service and Airmail Service. We are able to handle all your deliveries up to 20m3.

Contact us :

Tel. +32 (0)2 522 40 15 Dispatching department

& +32 (0)2 556 41 12 Account department

Fax +32 (0)2 424 07 70 Dispatching  department

& +32 (0)2 520 14 77 Accounts department

Email info@countrycourier.com